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N°1 White beet Hop Szechuan Pepper

Fermented white beet juice with hop and Szechuan pepper (no alcohol)

Product sold in boxes composed of 6 bottles of 330ml each.

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Serving temperature 8-10°

110 ml per glass (3 servings per bottle)


Fermented white beet base (water, white beet juice from concentrate 30%, stabilizer: guar gum), hop 0,2%, acidifiers: malic acid and citric acid, natural Szechuan pepper flavour, natural chili pepper flavour with other natural flavours, sugar.

Taste and pairing

Tasting notes: citric and fresh
Ideal pairing: veggies, fish, white meat

Nutritional values

Energy 17 kcal/71 kJ
Fat 0g
of which saturated/ 0g
Carbohydrates 3,7g
of which sugars 3,7g
Proteins 0g
Salt 0,03g


  • white beet

  • hop

  • szechuan pepper

  • chili pepper


Feral WHITE N° 1 is fresh and floral with mineral, citrus notes coming from the Szechuan pepper and final touch of hop. It makes us feel like we are walking in a blooming meadow in early spring, when the foraging season starts: the air is still fresh and white flowers scent is everywhere.

The combination of fermented white beet and the spices creates a perfect balance between sweet and acid, bringing up spring tasting notes of lychee, elderflower white peach, ginger. We like to enjoy it cold, in a flute glass to accompany our aperitifs.

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