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N°2 White beet Ginger Allspice Juniper

Fermented white beet drink with ginger, allspice and juniper berries (no alcohol)

Product sold in boxes composed of 6 bottles of 330ml each.

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Serving temperature 10-12°
110 ml per glass (3 servings per bottle)


Fermented white beet base (water, white beet juice from concentrate 31%, stabilizer: guar gum), sugar, acidifiers: malic acid and citric acid, natural chili pepper flavour with other natural flavours, red beet juice concentrate, safflower concentrate.

Taste and pairing

Tasting notes: spicy bitter
Ideal pairing: umami spicy dishes, end of meal as digestive

Nutritional values

Energy 19 kcal/81 kJ
Fat 0g
of which saturated/ 0g
Carbohydrates 4,3g
of which sugars 4,3g
Proteins 0g
Salt 0,03g


  • white beet

  • ginger

  • allspice pepper

  • juniper berries


Feral ORANGE N° 2 is full of depth and warmth and has a great bittersweet balance. Oh yes it is very spicy, so get your taste buds prepared! Its bright orange colour comes from the infusion of ginger pieces, pepper and juniper berries with the fermented white beet juice.

Close your eyes and you’ll feel like a climber under the the warm sun of august, ginger is the clear protagonist and the allspice pepper balances it out with some notes of cloves. We love it with spicy meals or at the end of the meal as digestive, alone or with desserts.

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