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Fermented botanical drinks (no alcohol), ideal for meal pairing. Crafted from humble ingredients like beets, elevated through lactic fermentation and infused with roots, spices and herbs. Embark on a journey of complex and multidimensional flavours.

Fermented botanical drinks


  • N°1

    White beet hop szechuan

  • N°2

    White beet ginger allspice

  • N°3

    Red beet pepper thyme

  • N°4

    Red beet lavender juniper

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  • It's time for proxies. Products designed specifically for gastronomic pairing, an alternative to wine, with a slow and multifaceted drink […] They are adult beverages, rich in volume and texture.

  • Feral is a culinary exploration project that challenges the boundaries of imagination and taste. In this journey, it is bringing new dignity to the world of non-alcoholic beverages, proving they can be as extraordinary as wine itself.

  • Feral employs lactic fermentation to elevate the humble beetroot into an extraordinary drink. Their meticulous craft involves skillfully blending ferments with macerated ingredients […] This artful fusion results in a drink that boasts aromas, textures, and flavors akin to the diverse spectrum found in natural wines. Delicious!

  • A product that reinvents the way we approach taste, without feeling the need to know the alcohol content of a glass, but rather focusing on the pleasure of the drink and its intriguing pairings, all at zero alcohol.

  • They can be found in some restaurants like Joia in Milan or at the bistro of chef Alfio Ghezzi in Rovereto. The first affirmative response after the launch, in fact, came precisely from gourmet restaurants, seeking non-alcoholic options to match the food they serve.

  • The bottles we've chosen are from Feral, […] inaugurated by a group of botanists, scientists, chefs, and farmers who define themselves, indeed, as 'feral' – which in English means free, wild. A sort of fermentation of the 'into the wild' concept poured into glasses.

  • […] startup based in Trento […] that has set itself a great mission: to revolutionize the world of botanical fermented beverages, demonstrating that beetroots and other humble ingredients can give life to extraordinary creations.

  • […] a new category of multidimensional non-alcoholic beverages, where herbs, flowers, spices, and woods in infusion or maceration add complexity and aromas to the fermented bases of humble and forgotten ingredients […] giving them new dignity, with an 'inclusive' message.

  • Feral Drinks presents itself as an absolute non-alcoholic alternative of excellence even during the most suggestive fine dining experiences. The brand-new line of fermented botanical beverages […] is gaining more and more ground in the beverage offerings of international restaurants.

  • As a welcome drink, here is the Feral white, a fermented beverage made from white beetroot that is part of a new line of alcohol-free drinks from a young team in the Dolomites. An intriguing alternative to wine, it has good body and a spicy flavor with a slightly acidic note that pairs well with various dishes.

The process

  • We start from organic roots, spices, herbs, wild fruits

  • We mix, infuse and let lactic fermentation happen

  • We taste and pair with our favourite foods