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Our story

Hello, nice to meet you!

We are a tiny team of brewers, scientists, foragers from the italian dolomites. And we share the same passion towards nature, exploration and freedom.

The word ‘Feral’ means ‘wild, untamed – especially of a domesticated animal or plant having returned to the wild’. So we are first of all a community of people who are not afraid to leave the known path towards uncharted territories, daring to challenge the status quo and embracing some discomfort as part of freedom.



We start from humble, forgotten ingredients like beets. They get new dignity through fermentation and infusion with roots, spices, woods to create a new taste experience.

The final drink is complex, spicy, persistent, multidimensional. Not sweet and flat like most non alcoholic drinks. And not another kombucha. Something new that pairs perfectly with food for a more explorative journey.

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